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Write for Us and Win

You can always write for us. You can choose your expertise area from any of the Topics given of left side and send your content to us. This content will be displayed in our article corner as well as blog, with your name and link of your website (if any) only after the approval from our admin team. If the Questions are posted on the respective topic the your name will be included on our Addition Helping Members along with Bnaker's Sensai with the badges given to you depending upon your submissions and ranking will be done all by Bnaker's Algo admin Team

Depending on the type of content and frequency of its posting and the diversified topic content, Banker’s Algo Team will choose the best among the all content writer. The most frequent and authentic writer will be given chance to be a part of Banker’s Algo Team.

So, choose as many area as you feel comfortable with and write to us your content.

You can write

  • Quick Aptitude Tips and become an Apti-Guru
  • Grammar Twists: Any Grammar Tips
  • Article: Any Topic of the Economic, Finance and Business | Your Article will be posted in our Weekly and Monthly Magazine , with your name and photo displayed
  • Vedic Maths Funda
  • Puzzles
  • Data Interpretation.

Do Share your Knowledge with us

Soon we will be launching the user upload page for the objective questions till then you can mail you content to admin@bankersalgo.com.

How to mail ?

Email : admin@bankersalgo.com

Subject : Write For Us | 'Your Topic'


If Article or passage use simple Text
and for ques follow below syntax
Ques 1 : The ratio of the present ages of Ram and Shyam is 5:2 respectively. Seven years hence, the ratio will be 2:1. What is the age of Ram when Shyam was born?
A) 21
B) 22
C) 23
D) 24
Answer : Option c
Explanation : Let the present ages of Ram and Shyam be 5x and 2x years respectively.
(5x+7)/(2x+7)= 2/1 => 5x + 7 = 4x + 14 => x=7 Required ages = 5X -2X = 3X = 21 years
At the end Name : 'Your Name'
Website Link: (If Any)

Topics of Content

Number Systems Percentages
Geometry Man Days Work
Permutaion and Combination Probability
Mixture and Allegations Simple and Compound Interest
Profit and Losses Ages
Speed Time Distance Ratio and Proportion
Logical Reasoning
Course of Action Judgement
Statement and Assumptions Statement and Arguments
Syllogism Logical series and Problems
Verbal Reasoning
Blood Relation Direction and Distance
Ranking Arrangenent Seating Arrangement
Coding and Decoding Venn Diagram
Alphabet Series Abstract Reasoning
Other topics
Finance Management
Economic Policies Social & Econommic Issues
Passages Vocabulary
Vedic Maths Puzzles

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