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Banker's Algo Group Discussion

The Story Line:

"In 2004, Bihar's Mohammed Shahabuddin won a fourth consecutive term as a member of parliament without attending a single campaign rally; he was behind bars on charges of kidnapping with intent to murder. Turns out his nominal opponents were too afraid to do much campaigning of their own, with good reason. After the election, nine workers from the only party to put up a fight turned up dead" Even I am afraid if they come for Us.. after seeing this post..
A staggering 162 out of 543 so called honorable members of India's lower house are facing intense criminal charges, according to a new report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a nonprofit election watchdog. The number in state-level legislatures is also telling teh same story with 1258 out of 4032 which is 31.20 % .. which is considerable share of  any general party participating in election and they can itself make their own CRIMINAL'S PARTY OF INDIA"
Please share your views on this issue... and lets have a strong, thoughtful and healthy discussion.....


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