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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

-by Winston Churchill

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Hi Guest User

Banker's Funda
Squring upto 99 is very Easy.. Save It

Very easy method….Just mug-up  the formlae and squares are in your fingre tips

This require the basic squares till 9 to be known and a temporary memory box in your mind where you can put the carry overs of each calculation for a short time to be used.

The simple and baisc formulae used is

  (ab)² = (a²+carry_2)   (a*b*2+carry_1)  ( b² )

For example: 78²

8²=64 (carry_1=6);  7*8*2=112+carry_1;112+6=118 (carry_2=11);

7²=49; 49+carry_2; 49+11=60

Hence 6084

Lets check another square

For example: 84²

4²=16 (carry_1=1);  4*8*2=64+carry_1;64+1=65 (carry_2=6);

8²=64; 64+carry_2; 64+6=70

Hence 7056

Isn't is easy and simple....

Exercise : Use this trick to find the square of 48, 96. 99, 77, 4

Something more for you.. Check if you can use this ttrick for three digit Numbers

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