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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

-by Winston Churchill

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Internet Basics
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    Ques1: Broad band means having bandwidth greater then ________ ?
    a)1MHz b)2MHz
    c)3MHz d)4MHz
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    Ques2: The protocol which helps in transferring files over internet ___________ ?
    a)Telnet b)FTP
    c)Both A & B d)None of these
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    Ques3: Network protocol uesd on LAN, WAN or internet to provide bidirectional communication facility.
    a)SMTP b)Telnet
    c)IMAP4 d)All of the above
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    Ques4: An interactive communicaton through internet where sender & reciever need to be online simultaneously.
    a)E-mail b)Chatting
    c)Usernet d)News group
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    Ques5: Website which provides information about a company but only to its employees is known as _______ site.
    a)Public b)Personal
    c)Intranet d)All of the above
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    Ques6: Who is known as Father of Web ?
    a)Dan Bracklin b)Tim Berner Lee
    c)VisiCalc d)Bill Gates
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    Ques7: The interlinked hypertext documents available on internet are collectively called ?
    a)WWW b)IBM
    c)HTTP d)None of the above
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    Ques8: Companies that provide the connections and support to access the internet are known as ?
    a)Internet Access Provider b)Internet Service Provider
    c)Internet SAP Provider d)None of these
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    Ques9: WAN stands for ?
    a)Whole Area Network b)Wise Area Network
    c)Wide Area Network d)White Area Network
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    Ques10: Which of the following topology is least effected by addition or removal of node?
    a)Ring b)Star
    c)Bus d)Mesh
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    Ques11: _______ signifies rules and encoding specifications for transferring data in a network ?
    a)Topology b)Protocols
    c)Media d)LAN
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    Ques12: Geometric arrangement of devices on the network is called ?
    a)Topology b)Protocols
    c)Media d)LAN
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    Ques13: In a LAN devices can be arranged in a ________ ?
    a)Star b)Ring
    c)Straight line d)All of the above
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    Ques14: Networks connecting computers in an institutions may be termed as:
    a)LAN b)WAN
    c)SWAN d)None of these

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