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Operating System
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    Ques1: Use _________ to rearrange the files and unused spaces on the hard disk so that programs run faster
    a)Scandisk b)Drive space
    c)Disk clean up d)Disk defragmenter
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    Ques2: __________ tools can be used to enhance the performance of the computer.
    a)Computer b)System
    c)Hardware d)Software
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    Ques3: The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is _________ ?
    a)Multiprogramming b)Multitasking
    c)Time-sharing d)Multiprocessing
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    Ques4: What contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm ?
    a)Programming Language b)Syntax
    c)Programming Structure d)Logic Chart
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    Ques5: What is a unique name that given to a file information?
    a)Device Letter b)Folder
    c)Filename d)Filename Extention
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    Ques6: The primary purpose of software is to turn data into _____________?
    a)Websites b)Information
    c)Programs d)Objects
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    Ques7: _________ bar contains the name of the program computer user is working with.
    a)Menu b)Tools
    c)Title d)Scroll
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    Ques8: GUI stands for ____________ ?
    a)Graphic User Intermediate b)Graphic USB Interface
    c)Graphic User Interface d)Graphic User Interaction
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    Ques9: The function(s) of operating system is/are ________ ?
    a)Memory Management b)Device and file management
    c)Processor management d)All of the above
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    Ques10: The intermediary between the computer user and the hardware is known as?
    a)Hardware b)CPU
    c)Operating System d)None of these

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