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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

-by Winston Churchill

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Introduction to Computers
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    Ques1: ______ is/are part of CPU.
    a)Control Unit b)ALU
    c)Memory or Storage d)All of the above
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    Ques2: ______ selects, interprets and executes instructions in a CPU.
    a)Control Unit b)ALU
    c)Memory d)Storage
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    Ques3: E-mail stands for_____?
    a)Electric Mail b)Electronic Mail
    c)Both A & B d)None of the above
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    Ques4: ATM stands for________?
    a)Asynchronous Transfer Mode b)Automated Teller Machine
    c)Both A & B d)None of the above
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    Ques5: The unit of computer which executes instructions to solve problems:
    a)Hard Disk b)CAM
    c)RAM d)CPU
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    Ques6: The speed of computer is usually measured in_______?
    a)MHz b)GHz
    c)Both A & B d)None of the above
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    Ques7: First Generation computer used which languages ?
    a)Machine b)Assembly
    c)Both A and B d)None of the above
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    Ques8: High level languages like FORTRAN, COBOL etc were used is which Generation of computers.
    a)First b)Second
    c)Fourth d)Fifth
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    Ques9: First generation computers used______?
    a)IC b)Transistors
    c)Vacuum tubes d)Higher density chips
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    Ques10: IC stands for_____?
    a)Individual circuit b)Integrated circuit
    c)International circuit d)None of these
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    Ques11: The computer saves data and instructions for future retrieval in the____?
    a)Input b)Output
    c)CPU d)Memory
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    Ques12: Processed data is retrieved from the computer with the help of which device?
    a)Input b)Output
    c)CPU d)Memory
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    Ques13: The basic organisation of a computer has the following unit/s:
    a)Input b)Output
    c)CPU and Memory d)All of the above
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    Ques14: Peripheral devices are ?
    a)Hardware b)Software
    c)Both A and B d)None of the above
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    Ques15: A set of instructions in a perticular language clubbed together is known as ?
    a)Program b)Hardware
    c)CPU d)None of these
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    Ques16: ______________ is/are the widely used system softwwares.
    a)Compiler b)Interpreter
    c)Operating System d)All of the above

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