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April 10 2018
Question A train running at 54kmph takes 20 seconds to pass a platform. Next it takes 12 second to pass a man walking at 6kmph in the same direction in which the train is going. Find the length of the train and the length of the platform.

Let the length of the train be x meters and the lengthn of the platform be y meters.

Speed of the train relative to man = (54 - 6) kmph = 48 kmph = 48 * (5/18) m/sec = 40/3 m/sec

In passing a man, the train covers its own length with relative speed.

Therefore, length of the train = (Relative speed * time) = (40/3)*12 m = 160m

also, speed of the train = (54 * 5/18) m/sec = 15 m/sec

Therefore, (x + y)/15 = 20 or x + y = 300

or y = (300 - 160) = 140 meter.

Therefore Length of train = 160 m

and Length of platform = 140 m


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