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May 25 2018
Question A and B enter in to a partnership and A invested Rs. 10,000 in the partnership. At the end of 4 months he withdraws Rs. 2000. At the end of another 5 months, he withdraws another Rs. 3000. If B receives Rs. 9600 as his share of the total profit of Rs. 19,100 for the year, how much did B invested in the company?

The total profit for the year is 19100. Of this B gets Rs. 9600.

Therefore, A would get (19100 - 9600) = Rs. 9500

The partners split their profits in the ratio of their investments.

Therefore, the ratio of the investments of A : B = 9500 : 9600 = 95 : 96

A invested Rs. 10000 initially for a period of 4 months. Then, he withdrew Rs. 2000

Hence, his investment decreases to Rs. 8000(for next 5 months).

Then he withdraws another Rs. 3000. Hence, his investment will stand reduced to Rs. 5000 during the last three months.

So, the amount of money that he had invested in the company on a money-month basis will be 

= (4*10000) + (5*8000) + (3*5000) = 40000 + 40000 + 15000 = 95000

If A had Rs. 95000 money months invested in the company, B would Have had Rs. 96000 money months invested in the company(as the ratio of their investments is 95 : 96).

If B had Rs. 96000 mioney months invested in the company, he has essentially invested 96000/12 = Rs. 8000


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